The Fear

I have the fear. It’s here. The summer holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love them in most ways. I love lazy days with the kids, no rushing about doing the school run and after school activities. 

But this summer we’re not going away anywhere, and this makes me pretty miserable. Basically, we are skint. I’m not just talking about feeling the pinch a little, I’m talking bones of our arse penniless. This means I’ve been spending the last few weeks praying for good weather for the school holidays. But it wasn’t to be. We woke up on Monday morning to howling wind, drizzle and Hubs with, to put it politely, an upset tummy. 

In my wisdom I’d also booked the boys in for their dentists check up in the afternoon, thinking that getting it out the way was a good plan. But nope, it wasn’t.

My youngest son has sensory issues, meaning he can be hyper sensitive to touch, textures, taste, sounds, and much much more. So trips to the hairdressers, doctors, dentists (see where I’m going with this?) are incredibly stressful. So you can imagine his reaction to a dentists appointment. Two hours later he’d eventually stopped crying and came out of his bedroom. Our dentist is brilliant with him, thank goodness, not all professionals are as understanding. 

So yesterday was an utter washout, and today, well that hasn’t started very well either. Crappy weather, crappy health (me), still poorly tummy (Hubs), bored kids and no money. So the fear has kicked in. Is this what the next six weeks will be like?? God help me. Although, it will be good news for the vineyards of New Zealand, their Sauvignon Blanc sales will go through the roof! 

 Nic xx

PS any ideas for free/super cheap days out with the kids gratefully accepted!!

PPS all donations of Sauvvy B greatly appreciated! 


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I'm a full time Mam to 2 energetic sons and a Sprocker Spaniel, wife to a wonderful husband. Hooker (crochet, get your mind out of the gutter!), Crohns Arthritis and Asthma Warrior, and much more

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