Soaking my troubles away

I started blogging again for two reasons. Firstly, to unload my thoughts about my tangled old mind, health, life! Secondly, to talk about the methods I use to untangle, de-stress, and decompress. Today I thought I’d start with a simple one. A bath.
Now as any parent will know, a bath in a one bathroom house is rarely relaxing. In ours, it’s usually accompanied by various children with various stinky toilet needs. Our dog Shadow loves to butt in and drink the water. Or Hubs will be shrieking questions up the stairs or giving the kids a bollocking. But on those rare occasions, like today, those beautiful, peaceful times when Hubs has taken the boys and dog out and left me alone, I run a steaming hot bath, put my tunes on and soak my troubles away.

But first there’s the ridiculous process of even running the bath in our house. Hubs is amazing at DIY. He begins the most incredible projects. The only thing is, he NEVER. BLOODY. FINISHES. THEM! You migh sense that this irks me slightly? You’d be right. Our bathroom was installed 2011. It still isn’t finished. Yep, you read that right. The bath has a super fancy mixer tap that cascades down the side, that required complicated plumbing. For 6 years, that tap has only run hot water. So we either have to throw buckets of cold in from the sink, or run the shower on cold. So yes, even the running of the bath is mildly stressful.
Next, the bath products. I have ridiculously sensitive skin. Even the whiff of a Christmas gift set from M&S brings me out in hives. For the last, probably 20 years, I’ve relied on Simple Bath Cream. None of those lovely bath bombs for me, no Radox baths to sooth tired muscles and arthritic joints.

So when my friend Wendy, who owns the fragrance company Northburn, gave me a sachet of her bath salts range to try, I was dubious. I’ve used her home fragrances for years, they’re stunning, and even worked with her for a while. But knowing how I am, with anything remotely pretty smelling or soothing, I was fully expecting to look like Will Smith in Hitch! But Wendy assured me they’d been tested rigorously, not on animals but on her daughter Laura, her partner in the business! Laura wins the ‘who’s got the most sensitive skin’ competition between us by miles, so I took this as a good sign.

This morning, I endured the farce of running the bath, then scattered a handful of NorthburN, No.5 Vetiver, Luxury Bath Salts into it. And a minor miracle occurred! Not only did they not irritate my skin, but gave me the most relaxing, luxurious bath I’ve ever had. The salts are a blend of natural pink Himalayan salts, Cocoa butter, and the stunning fragrance of Vetiver, and dissolve beautifully, leaving a silky smooth fragranced bath that eases your aches and pains while soothing your busy mind. The packaging recommends soaking for at least 10-15 minutes for maximum benefits, however I must have stayed in there at least half an hour, topping up the hot water every now and again (no one tell the hubs, he goes mad about water bills). I was also burning a NorthburN candle, in Sandalwood and Amber, just to add to the luxury.
I can honestly say I’ve never had such a relaxing bath, and once I got out my skin felt, and smelled, amazing. Not a hint of irritatation, just beautifully smooth and nourished skin. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep when I got out. The bath salts thoroughly deserve the accolade of their Editors Choice Award from the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017.

So there you go. The first of my untangling methods blogs. It didn’t start out as a review, but I had to tell you about these amazing salts, from now on they’ll be my go to whenever I need to find a bit of peace, and soak my aches away. Check out the beautiful range at NorthburN

Happy soaking
Nic xxx

P.S. This post is entirely independent, I wasn’t asked to review or write about NorthburN products, I did because I truly love them 


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I'm a full time Mam to 2 energetic sons and a Sprocker Spaniel, wife to a wonderful husband. Hooker (crochet, get your mind out of the gutter!), Crohns Arthritis and Asthma Warrior, and much more

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