Life can be hard. Life IS hard. At times. But it can also be joyful. It’s the look on your child’s face when he thinks you don’t know he pinched the biscuit. The twinkle in your dogs eyes when you take the tennis ball and throw it instead of shoving it out of the way. It’s the side glance from your husband when your kids say something rude but hilarious, and you can’t let them know you have heard them. It’s the first bite of fish and chips on the beach, the sip of the chilled Sauvignon blanc after a long day. The crack of your joints when you stretch out in bed, the tingle of your skin when you sink into a hot bath.  

All of these things are there to make you feel alive. They’re there to remind you that, despite everything trying to prove otherwise, life IS good. It’s happy, exciting, fun, crazy and wild. It’s also sad, hard, tiring, trying and rough. But as they say, we wouldn’t have light without the shade, we wouldn’t have love without hate. But there it is. 

We have life. And it’s something to be cherished, embraced, and lived! 


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I'm a full time Mam to 2 energetic sons and a Sprocker Spaniel, wife to a wonderful husband. Hooker (crochet, get your mind out of the gutter!), Crohns Arthritis and Asthma Warrior, and much more

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